Project 1 Exercise 1 Drawing Fabric using line and tone

I found this relatively straightforward, probably because of all the still life drawing. 

Four drawings using cross hatching to create tone. I really like drawing with mechanical pencil when using lots of line to create tone.

Next, an experiment with soft pastel. Blue blanket.

Less enamoured with this – feels like cloth but a little clunky in places.

New acrylic pen – ink in double sided pen, thick and thin.

Line drawing in black ink.

Research point The human figure

Drawing the human figure is probably what started me on the path to doing this course.

I began the course reading …. and started the blind and partial peek exercises and have continued to do them ever since.
The first ever figure drawing to inspire me was a big one – the Leonardo cartoon in the National Gallery. I have kept a copy of it with me. 

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